Olivia Cunning’s “Thrill Me” – New Release Today

Surprise! The ninth volume in the Sole Regret series is now available in ebook format!   What a great way to start your Tuesday!!!!


He’s ready for more…
Sole Regret’s sex-obsessed bassist Owen Mitchell has always rocked with the ladies and rolled with the punches. He knows Caitlyn’s just looking for a fling with someone more fun and adventurous than her ex-husband, but Owen is drawn to the geeky temptress like a rocker’s drawn to a heavy riff. He’ll keep thrilling her in the bedroom to keep her coming and coming back for more. He has faith that someday she’ll admit they’re meant to be together.

She’s not sure where this is going…
Successful in life but not in love, Caitlyn isn’t ready for a serious relationship so soon after her painful divorce. But she’s more than ready for a good time. So she writes out a long list of sexual fantasies and knows just the rock star to fulfill them all. Owen, as always, is eager to please, and the more time they spend together, the more she starts to think he’s good for much more than ticking fantasies off her list. Now if only that pregnant groupie of his would get lost.

It’s available on:

Amazon Kindle: Click here for “Thrill Me”

B&N Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/thrill-me-olivia-cunning/1125246796?ean=2940157053291

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/thrill-me-10

and just remember while reading this book . . . we really do “Suck at Selfies”




Barbra Streisand – I still suck at selfies

Oh yes. I still continue to suck at selfies. Pam and I had a great time at the Barbra Streisand concert at The Toyota Center in Houston. Even though it was Babs’ first time in Texas it was not our first time to see her. We flew out to see her at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2000. Both shows were fantastic and totally different.  I love how relaxed and funny she was at this concert. I also liked how she did songs from past albums that are not her standard songs to sing at her concerts. It was a treat to hear her sing these  gems live. She even talked about the stories behind the cover artwork on her albums. Fabulous night!!!!  

“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 6”

When last we left our couple, Brian had just “French Kissed” Cyndi. Oh how in love! This week’s installment of my diary is the best. How 80’s can this be!!! Brian wore his SLEEVELESS shirt to school!!! I know you just gasped and melted to the floor. If only he also held a boom box over his head . . .


“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 5”

Ok folks. I missed a couple of weeks due to a vacation but I’m back and since I made you wait I will hit you with a good one. . . When we last left our couple, Brian asked Cyndi to go steady and she said yes. Let’s see what they are up to now. Enjoy!!!