Happy Fall Y’all

Having fun at the pumpkin patch


The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Parts 3 & 4

“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 3” – in our last installment Cyndi broke out the Ouija board to find out if Brian loved her. It said yes . . . so it looks like she’s going in for the kill! Read this page of her diary and then the bonus TBT installment to find out if the Ouija board was right. (as a bonus if you read the end of this entry you will find that Cyndi also got her “Best Friend” shirt with Felicia Charba from the mall.  ((We rocked those matching shirts!))


“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 4” – See what happened when Cyndi returned Brian’s jacket the next morning. (Hint, hint – it’s good news)


Scene 30 – “Wrong Lyrics”

Scene 30 – “Wrong Lyrics” – While listening to “Man Eater” by Hall & Oats at a restaurant the 8-yr-old starts singing “money’s not metal”. I finally realized he was trying to sing the line “mind over matter” but then I looked up the lyrics and he was actually close. The line is “money’s the matter.” Funny.