St. Patrick’s Cathedral Ireland Selfie

2014 07 08 ireland 2

Well if this selfie doesn’t tell you how bad we are I don’t know what will.  I tried taking a selfie of myself and realized I hadn’t turned the camera around to myself.  Then we I finally did and tried taking the photo I only caught part of myself but all of Olivia trying to take her own selfie.  We are quite the pair.  07/08/2014


Liffey River Selfie

2014 07 07 ireland 1

After Olivia did the RARE2014 signing in Scotland which flew on over to Ireland for another signing in Dublin.  Of course we had to take a little tour and ended up at the Liffey River.  You would think with a few selfies behind us that we would be getting this down better, but sadly no.  We don’t even know where to look.  07/08/2014