Ass Up In the Air Selfie

So,  how’s this for a selfie.  Olivia Cunning and I joined Sibylla Matilde and Michelle Campbell for a little more fun in the sun.  We found this giant chair on the beach and the only way to get our picture with the whole chair was to get a group of kids to take our picture for us.  Of course all we had to do was climb up in the chair.  All the smart ladies approached the chair from the side . . . then there was me.  I figured no big deal.  I will just climb up in the front and slide back.  Do you see the decline on that seat?  Yeah.  I climbed up and didn’t slide back . . . I fell backwards with my feet and ass up in the air.  Needless to say the other ladies were upset that the kids did not get a picture of that.(oh darn).  Afterwards we did get a lovely selfie of the whole gang and again I think we might be improving a little. 04/24/2016.

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