Waffle House Selfie

2015 05 03 tulsa 1

After the book signing in Tulsa we needed to grab breakfast before driving our separate ways back to our respective states.  There was a Waffle House near by so of course that is what I suggested.  Can you believe this was Olivia’s first time to ever go to a Waffle House????? That is such a crime.  I must say, this one didn’t suck as bad as the others but technically someone else took the photo for us.  I had to include it though in our sucky selfie tour because how often do you think I am going to get Olivia in a paper Waffle House hat? 05/03/2015

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Hard Rock Tulsa Selfie

2015 05 01 tulsa 2

Well it looks like we really suck again.  We are at the Hard Rock Author Event in Tulsa, OK.  Get a few drinks in these girls and we cannot get the phone camera to focus.  05/01/2015

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