Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit Wallis, TX

Well, our weekend in Wallis has been busy, busy.  We almost got married, scrapbooked, went to a live auction, a cook-off, craft show, seen a car show, met the Mayor and attended the Fun Fest.  I’m not sure how many people can pack all that into one weekend except us.  Let me recap what all happened.

First off, we showed up at Premier Estates which Cyndi has been taking her scrapbookers “Cyndi’s Scrappers” to for several years now.  Fantastic place with great customer service.  The owners Sharon & Belinda are the BEST!


Check out this beautiful carousel horse they used to decorate the front of the house.  They have a great style and use several items like this and repurposed furniture to decorate the quaint retreat facility.


Click here to check out Premier Estates

We headed over to Las Flores for some dinner and drinks.  (She had two margaritas so I might just get lucky tonight!)


Click here to check out Las Flores Restaurant

We started walking around the city when we spotted their water tower.  It says Wallis around the tower.  I’m not sure if you can read it or not.  From our point of view on the ground it is very far away.  Can you imagine how long it would take us to climb up there?


After wandering around for a little while, we stumbled across the Wallis Fun Fest.  Man there was a ton of stuff going on.  So we went over to the car show to look at all the sweet rides.


The best (and worst part) came after we met the Mayor of Wallis, Steve Bockel.  You see, I asked Betty to marry me . . . well sorta.  We were at The Wallis Fun Fest when I met the Mayor. We talked and got to know each other. I told him I love his city and plan to come back frequently. Then I introduced him to Betty. That’s when he said, “You guys look so in love, as the Mayor of Wallis I could perform a ceremony and marry you two!” I thought it was a great idea so I looked at Betty and before I could say anything she gave me a piece of her mind. She told me if I couldn’t put in the effort to buy her a ring and get down on one knee (not sure how I’m going to pull that off) and ask her personally instead of passing it off onto the Mayor of Wallis then she was just going to live in Sin! She was very adamant about it. I guess it’s too soon for her to take my last name so it looks like we are still . . .  Betty Booty and Donny Dimples!! By the way, naming credit goes to Sharon and Belinda of Premier Estates.


After that she wouldn’t even sit near me.  She had us in chairs as far apart as possible.


Oh well.  I think once I get her back to Premier I can butter her up a little before going to bed.  It really was a great day and a great weekend.  Can’t wait to come back again next year.

Click here to check out The City of Wallis




Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit Sealy, TX

Where in the world are the naked gnomes? Seriously. . . Where are they? Can you find them? We visited Sealy today. Great downtown area.


So I decided to take Betty around to see the town square.  It is really great.  There are several shops and restaurants, including The Saddleback saloon.


When we were at the front of the saloon I looked at Betty and said, “Well hello there little lady. Come around here often? How abouts I take you in this here saloon so you can wet your whistle?

She said yes and we had a couple of beers and burgers.  Awesome!

And since she came with me to the saloon, I figured I needed to return the favor and go with her to one of her girlie shops.  So, I took her across the street to Bliss.  That place is full of anything and everything that she would love to buy or I could buy to get out of the doghouse later on (good thing to remember).


This is my favorite item in the whole store.  Betty looked at me and said, “Just click your heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home . . . There’s no place like home!”   That’s right.  Texas is our home and proud of it!!!!


Click here to check out the City of Sealy

Click here to check out Bliss on Main and see all their cool stuff


Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete


After eating ice cream in Brenham it was off to Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete in Hempstead.  It is over 8 acres of statues, fountains, furniture & pottery and so much more.  You cannot believe all the great stuff they have out here.

fraziers 1

We strolled around looking for the perfect addition to our house (and by that I mean Cyndi & Greg’s house).  I personally like the giant hand from above.  I mean how often can you say, “I’ve got her eating out of the palm of THIS hand!”  Then there were other great items like these beauties.


Um, yeah . . . I left Betty in the fountain section so I could come over hear. Wowza!  Look at the legs on that sweet one.  She definitely wants me . . . I can just feel it.  I was just about to figure out how to put that doll in my shopping cart when Betty must have seen what was going on and sent over these two to scare the you know what out of me . . .

After we ran away from those 2 beasts we were just about to head back inside when all of a sudden the clouds parted and showed us this . . .


Um, can we get your autograph, sir???????

Once we finally made it inside it was time for a little family reunion.


Betty, this is my long lost twin cousin, Stephen Colbert.  He has another twin cousin Stephen Colbert who used to have this show called the Colbert Report and recently made an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Unfortunately, Late Show Stephen Colbert got in trouble with some crazy lawyers because The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert is not allowed to come out and play on the Late Show’s playground.  It was really sad.  But all is well because this twin cousin of mine “Stephen Colbert” is now a new reporter on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The whole family is proud.

Now on the left you will see my other cousin Jon Stewart.  He practices a lot of yoga these days because he has retired from his show, The Daily Show, hence the “zen” moment he has going on here.  We’re not really sure what all he has going on these days but it is obvious there is a little laziness going on.  I mean look at the beard he started growing out after he left the show.  Do you really think he maintains it?  I’m not sure about his hygiene.  I mean look at him . . . there is a bird in his beard!

On the right is my other cousin John Oliver.  He used to work on the Daily Show as well, but now he has this new gig on HBO, Last Week Tonight,  which is why you see him mooning everyone.  You see HBO lets you curse and has nudity and ever since John went to HBO we just can’t reign him in.

If you want to catch my cousins on TV you can click on these links:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

John Oliver & Last Week Tonight

Check out my debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in my segment “WERD – The Lesser of Two Evils”

WERD – The Lesser of Two Evils

You can see my cousin Jon Stewart’s beard when he visited The Late Show.  See if you can find the bird in his beard:

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert’s Late Show Desk

Oh, and the other gnome riding the swan in the background . . . I don’t know who that flake is!!!!!

Click here to check out Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete




Betty Booty & Donny Dimples visit Brenham, TX


We just couldn’t get enough ice cream when we were at La King’s in Galveston so this weekend I am taking Betty out to Brenham – home of Blue Bell Ice Cream.  You can’t get any better than that.  What is your favorite flavor of Blue Bell?  Cookies-n-Cream, Homemade Vanilla, or Rocky Road?  We will take another trip out to Brenham during the week when we can tour the Blue Bell Factory.  You get to watch them make the ice cream from the first step to the last and at the end of the tour you get to pick your favorite flavor to eat.  So worth it!  Since it is the weekend and we are hungry for food as well as ice cream I am taking Betty to my favorite restaurant in Brenham, Must Be Heaven Sandwich Shoppe.  Opened in 1982 it is home of not only great sandwiches and of course Blue Bell Ice Cream but it is also home of some of the best pies around.  06/24/2016

Click here to check out Must Be Heaven

Click here to check out Blue Bell Ice Cream

Betty Booty and Donny Dimples go Sailing


How pretty is this????  I’m taking Betty out for a little sailing today at the Texas City Dike.  She has never been on a Catamaran before.  I asked her which one of these beauties she wanted to sail on and she picked the one on the left which is good since that is Greg’s boat.  So off we go!!!!  Our only problem is the life jackets.  I mean how are you supposed to wear those when you are a “Naked Gnome”?  Safety dictates you wear one so I guess we’ve just gotta suck it up.

Click here to check out The Texas City Dike

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texas city dike map


Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit the Galveston Strand


So I took Betty down to the Strand District in Galveston while Greg and Thomas are working on the BBQ.  I loved playing a game of chess at Saengerfest Park.  These chess piece are LIFESIZE!!  I mean I am a tall guy.  I’m about 14 inches.  Betty is about the same (that is why I won’t let her wear high heels – I don’t want her to tower over me.)  We had so much fun playing chess we kind of felt like that scene in Harry Potter where they are playing chess with the life size pieces.  Thank goodness ours didn’t come to life to try and chop off our heads.

Click here to check out Saengerfest Park


After that strenuous game of chess I decided that we needed to cool off a little so we went over to La King’s Confectionery.  La Kings is this great soda fountain / ice cream parlor / candy shop and taffy maker that dates back to the 1920’s.  Betty and I shared a shake and then picked up a few sweet treats to take back to the BBQ with us. 06/16/2016


Click here to check out La King’s Confectionery

Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit the Albatross Galveston Old Smokey Throwdown IV


So Greg and Thomas have entered the The Albatross Galveston Old Smokey Throwdown IV as the team “Rub it Dry”.  The rules are that you can only BBQ on an official Old Smokey.  So, I (Donny Dimples) decided to take Betty down to the Throwdown to check out the competition.  As you can see Greg and Thomas are doing a good job.  We were there when they unloaded the pit with their first submission.  The category is “Something on a Stick” and they are submitting their Sticky Boneless Pork Ribs. 07/16/2016

After they finished working on the BBQ I took Betty out for a little bike ride.


Click here to visit Albatross Galveston

old smokey IV