Arg! ’tis natter like a pirate day y’all


Today be natter like a pirate day.  Jus’ in time are these lovely photos from th’ Kemah Craft Beer Festival, coincidentally bein’ held this Saturday, September 23 from 2-5 pm.  These pirate cut-outs are jus’ a prime example o’ wha’ happens when ye sample all 72 craft ale available t’ ye!!!!!  Thomas, Jaime, Greg ‘n I had a blast ‘n as ye can tell I reckon Greg was a wee jealous o’ th’ parrot.


Today is talk like a pirate day.  Just in time are these lovely photos from the Kemah Craft Beer Festival, coincidentally being held this Saturday, September 23 from 2-5 pm.  These pirate cut-outs are just a prime example of what happens when you sample all 72 craft beers available to you!!!!!  Thomas, Jaime, Greg and I had a blast and as you can tell I think Greg was a little jealous of the parrot.

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Click here to get purchase tickets and get all the information on the Kemah Craft Beer Fest featuring these 24 breweries:

Austin Eastciders, Avery, Back Pew, Ballast Point, Bell’s Bishop Cider Company, Brooklyn, Deep Ellum, Galveston Island, Green Flash, Karbach, Lagunitas, Lazy Magnolia, Leinenkugel, New Belgium, Odell, Oskar Blues, Saint Arnold, Samuel Adams, Shiner, Southern Star, Spindletap, Sweetwater, Texas Beer Refinery


Fort Lauderdale Character Cut-Out

2016 04 24 ft lauderdale 5

Well this isn’t quite a character cut-out but it is still a cut-out nonetheless so it has to be included.  Of course I could include this in the sucky selfie tour if we actually took it ourselves because really as a person that teaches scrapbooking classes my first observation is, “Why didn’t you crop the photo to the edges of the cut-out so it looks like a post card?”  Well, yeah . . . there is that. 04/24/2016

Click here to check out the Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Mark Twain Cut-out


Ah.  Aren’t we pretty?  I’m thinking we did pretty good with this one.  This cut-out can be found at the Mark Twain cave found one mile south of Hannibal, Missouri.  Beautiful caves by the way.  There are two caves to tour and one of them has no electricity.  The only light you get is the little $0.99 flashlight they hand you before taking you in.  We did this tour on 06/26/2016.