Pittsburgh Duck Tours Selfie

Not only is this photo not great so it gets to be included in the sucky selfie tour it is also the first submission in my new Duck Tours category.  Yes we took the duck tour of Pittsburgh.  If you don’t know what Duck Tours are they are tours given of different cities by land and water using purpose-built amphibious tour buses or military surplus DUKWs and LARC-Vs.  I have seen the one in Galveston, TX for years but never jumped on.  I will be doing that one soon because this one was not only fun but very informative . . . PLUS . . . I got to steer the boat!!!!!  Yeppers.  09/10/2015   This is my view driving the boat.  You can see the Duquesne Incline that we were on earlier straight ahead.

Click here to check out Just Ducky Tours Pittsburgh

2015 09 10 pittsburgh 7