Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit Sealy, TX

Where in the world are the naked gnomes? Seriously. . . Where are they? Can you find them? We visited Sealy today. Great downtown area.


So I decided to take Betty around to see the town square.  It is really great.  There are several shops and restaurants, including The Saddleback saloon.


When we were at the front of the saloon I looked at Betty and said, “Well hello there little lady. Come around here often? How abouts I take you in this here saloon so you can wet your whistle?

She said yes and we had a couple of beers and burgers.  Awesome!

And since she came with me to the saloon, I figured I needed to return the favor and go with her to one of her girlie shops.  So, I took her across the street to Bliss.  That place is full of anything and everything that she would love to buy or I could buy to get out of the doghouse later on (good thing to remember).


This is my favorite item in the whole store.  Betty looked at me and said, “Just click your heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home . . . There’s no place like home!”   That’s right.  Texas is our home and proud of it!!!!


Click here to check out the City of Sealy

Click here to check out Bliss on Main and see all their cool stuff