St. Louis Arch Selfie

To finish out this trip we end up in St. Louis so I can fly back to Houston.  Before we go I have to take a tour in the St. Louis Arch of course.  This is just part of my “Cyndi’s On Top of the World Looking Down on Creation Tour.”


The arch is really breathtaking.  I have another blog post with the panoramic view from the top but as you can see – while trying to take our selfie from the top – WE TOTALLY SUCK!  Actually the phone camera does because no matter what I do I cannot get it to focus on us with the light of the city behind us.  Well, I take that back.  When I got it to focus on us there was nothing to see behind us.  Phone cameras can only do so much (and I’m sticking to that rather than thinking it is an operator issue). 06/27/2016

Click here to check out the Gateway Arch





Cameron Cave Scary Selfies

Once we finished the Mark Twain Cave tour (60 minute tour) we walked over to the Cameron Cave.  This difference in these two tours is very simple.  Whereas the Mark Twain Cave had electricity run through it lighting the tour path, there is no electricity in the Cameron Cave.  The only light you get is a little $0.99 (click, click) flashlight.  So, about a dozen of us with those little flashlights followed a tour guide into the 52 degrees cave with no light for a 1 hour and 20 minute tour.  Oh, and did I mention it rained pretty heavily on us while walking over to the cave.  So, we went into the tour as wet rats and came out as popsicles.  It was a really fun and interesting tour.  I highly recommend it. 06/26/2016

Click here to check out The Mark Twain Cave


Mark Twain Cave Selfie

2016 06 26 mark twain cave 2

Well, we left Iowa after the Scripted Social Author Event in Des Moines and headed to Hannibal, Missouri, home of the Mark Twain Cave.  This cave is not only cool for helping to inspire the writings of Mark Twain but it also holds the signature of Jesse James written on the walls from one of his hideouts. If we didn’t suck at selfies we probably would have at least gotten our faces all the way in the photo. 06/26/2016

Click here to check out The Mark Twain Cave

Mark Twain Cut-out


Ah.  Aren’t we pretty?  I’m thinking we did pretty good with this one.  This cut-out can be found at the Mark Twain cave found one mile south of Hannibal, Missouri.  Beautiful caves by the way.  There are two caves to tour and one of them has no electricity.  The only light you get is the little $0.99 flashlight they hand you before taking you in.  We did this tour on 06/26/2016.