Inside the London Eye Selfie

2014 07 12 london 4

At some point we will get our full faces in the selfies . . . maybe. It must be the speed of the London Eye that threw our equilibrium off.  07/12/14


Buckingham Palace Selfie

2014 07 12 london 3

OK.  Since we know to use the sunglass trick, now we can add to our suckie repertoire.  PHOTO BOMBING!!!!  You know they are saying, “Those Darn Americans!” 07/12/2014.

London Eye Selfie

2014 07 12 london 2

So, after we finished our tour of Ireland, we headed over to London.  WE LOVED LONDON!  Check out the London Eye behind us.  This would be the point where we realized if you keep your sunglasses on then you don’t have to worry about where your eyes are looking.  Yeah! 07/12/2014