Betty Booty and Donny Dimples visit Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete


After eating ice cream in Brenham it was off to Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete in Hempstead.  It is over 8 acres of statues, fountains, furniture & pottery and so much more.  You cannot believe all the great stuff they have out here.

fraziers 1

We strolled around looking for the perfect addition to our house (and by that I mean Cyndi & Greg’s house).  I personally like the giant hand from above.  I mean how often can you say, “I’ve got her eating out of the palm of THIS hand!”  Then there were other great items like these beauties.


Um, yeah . . . I left Betty in the fountain section so I could come over hear. Wowza!  Look at the legs on that sweet one.  She definitely wants me . . . I can just feel it.  I was just about to figure out how to put that doll in my shopping cart when Betty must have seen what was going on and sent over these two to scare the you know what out of me . . .

After we ran away from those 2 beasts we were just about to head back inside when all of a sudden the clouds parted and showed us this . . .


Um, can we get your autograph, sir???????

Once we finally made it inside it was time for a little family reunion.


Betty, this is my long lost twin cousin, Stephen Colbert.  He has another twin cousin Stephen Colbert who used to have this show called the Colbert Report and recently made an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Unfortunately, Late Show Stephen Colbert got in trouble with some crazy lawyers because The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert is not allowed to come out and play on the Late Show’s playground.  It was really sad.  But all is well because this twin cousin of mine “Stephen Colbert” is now a new reporter on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The whole family is proud.

Now on the left you will see my other cousin Jon Stewart.  He practices a lot of yoga these days because he has retired from his show, The Daily Show, hence the “zen” moment he has going on here.  We’re not really sure what all he has going on these days but it is obvious there is a little laziness going on.  I mean look at the beard he started growing out after he left the show.  Do you really think he maintains it?  I’m not sure about his hygiene.  I mean look at him . . . there is a bird in his beard!

On the right is my other cousin John Oliver.  He used to work on the Daily Show as well, but now he has this new gig on HBO, Last Week Tonight,  which is why you see him mooning everyone.  You see HBO lets you curse and has nudity and ever since John went to HBO we just can’t reign him in.

If you want to catch my cousins on TV you can click on these links:

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Check out my debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in my segment “WERD – The Lesser of Two Evils”

WERD – The Lesser of Two Evils

You can see my cousin Jon Stewart’s beard when he visited The Late Show.  See if you can find the bird in his beard:

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert’s Late Show Desk

Oh, and the other gnome riding the swan in the background . . . I don’t know who that flake is!!!!!

Click here to check out Frazier’s Ornamental & Architectural Concrete