The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Parts 3 & 4

“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 3” – in our last installment Cyndi broke out the Ouija board to find out if Brian loved her. It said yes . . . so it looks like she’s going in for the kill! Read this page of her diary and then the bonus TBT installment to find out if the Ouija board was right. (as a bonus if you read the end of this entry you will find that Cyndi also got her “Best Friend” shirt with Felicia Charba from the mall.  ((We rocked those matching shirts!))


“The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 4” – See what happened when Cyndi returned Brian’s jacket the next morning. (Hint, hint – it’s good news)



The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 2

Throw Back Thursday – In our 2nd installment of “The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary” we find out what happened next in the great love affair between Cyndi McTigue & Brian Battenfield. As last we left our couple they were busy putting ice down each other’s shirts at the 7th grade track-n-field event . . . but in this installment . . . I wanted Brian so much that I enlisted the aid of my . . . wait for it . . . Ouija Board!!!!! (side note – I was in 7th grade right????? I’m guessing we all know by now that I am a math person and not much of a speller!). Tune in next week as the saga continues . . .


The Reading of Cyndi’s 7th Grade Diary – Part 1

Throw Back Thursday – I found my 7th grade diary. It has been hilarious reading the entries. I was sooo in love with Brian Battenfield (as you can read in my entries). Zoom in to read about my track-n-field day and tune in the next few weeks on #tbt to see the saga unfold.