Scene 3 – “Word Burps”

Scene 3 (in my growing log of funny life scenes) – WORD BURPS. It happened at Mother’s Day Dinner. I have a child on either side of me and the husband across from me at the table. I ask the 6 year old a question. He answers with a burped word (yes I know. I live with all boys but burped words are new at my house and I was hoping to stall as long as possible). When I give him the “mom” look he gives me a devilish smile while the 10 year old throws in his own burped word (laughter ensues). After giving the 10 year old the “mom” look I immediately swerve my head in the direction of my husband and lift one eyebrow in the “this is all your fault” look. He immediately gets that smirky smile on his face while throwing his hands up in a defensive gesture and says . . . Wait for it . . . “Look. It’s not my fault. . . Yesterday the 6 year old . . . “. That was where I cut him off and said, “is the adult at the table really going to start his defensive with – the 6 year old started it?” He laughed in a guilty way. PATHETIC!!!!  05/23/2014

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